Unlimited Colors

Flex is distributed with six preset styles. Each can be customized in the “Presets” Settings to individualize the template text, background and mayor colors, and in the Layout Builder, you can use unlimited color combination for every part of your template!

Self Hosted Videos

AP Smart LayerSlider supports self hosted, youtube & vimeo videos.


Blog smarter.

Go farther.

Flex is coming with 8 post formats: standard, video, gallery, audio, link, quote, status and custom (new). Each can be customized in the Article Manager to individualize your feel for blogging.

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A rich, highly flexible and visually diverse template.

Rozšíření textové inzeráty na seznamu

Rozšířené inzeráty na seznam.cz. Se zpožděním ale konečně i u seznamu můžeme rozšířit naše inzeráty.

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Firemní zápis na google zadarmo?

Otevřeli jste si kavárnu a Vaši zákazníci o Vás neví?

Category: Posts

Pustili jsme do světa další web

Rozbitytablet.cz je jednoduchý, graficky čistý web který se liší od všech konkurenčních stránek. Vsadili jsme na...

Category: Posts

Jste na začátku? Pomůžeme Vám.

Usnadníme Vám cestu Vašeho podnikání. Vytvoříme Vám web, sestavíme marketingový plán který bude šitý na míru dle...

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iZem in Brazil

“I fell in love with Brazilian music via a Jorge Ben vinyl bought in Paris in the early 2000's. His sound was clearly...

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Pomůžeme Vám růst

Je vaše firma na trhu již dlouhá léta a nyní až pociťujete pokles zákazníků nebo se chcete jen zviditelnit?    

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‘Patio’ - Outstanding Flamenco Guitar

Following has meticulously recorded six different acoustic instruments: a steel-string guitar, twelve-string, nylon...

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Fish That Herb Was Every Light

Tree make in spirit give. Good winged doesn't image won't bearing won't. Female us saying. Set fifth land fill image...

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Video Background...
with “Major Color” overlay!

Flex has a set of features, options and tools make it the most versatile theme on the market by allowing you to take control of virtually every aspect and section of the site. The powerful customization options & features give you flexibility to create the site you want.

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Lightbox Gallery with Masonry.
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Flex is an ideal platform for users of all levels, whether beginners or web professionals. The administrative interface is both simple to use, intuitive and highly flexible, allowing for swift and extensive changes. An approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience and engage worldwide methodologies with web-enabled technology.

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